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Return and Exchange

Does Tik Tok offer any warranty for their products? 
Yes we do. We offer a 15 day warranty on our products and can help you out if you have any issues with the product in terms of manufacturing defects. Please be sure to contact us as soon as you notice the issue. After 15 days, we won't be able to honor your request.

Is my item eligible for a return or exchange? 

Products that are eligible for Return/Exchange:

  • Non-Engraved/ Non-Customized products
  • Must be Original Packaging
  • Must be good and in New Condition (no scratches or wear and tears)
  • Must be received at our address within 30 days of purchase (found on package slip)

*NOTE: Shipping costs will not be refunded for returns

What Qualifies for Store Credit?
if you passed the 30 day return date, we will be able to offer store credit as long as it meets the above criteria. For store credit, we will honor it as long as we receive it within 60 days of purchase from the original date.

How do I send back my Tik Tok product?
Place the product in it's original packaging (in bamboo case) and send it to the address that you will be provided within the 30 days. 

If I received a Tik Tok product as a gift, can I return or exchange it?
A product that was a gift will not be eligible for a full refund, but we will be able to offer an in-store credit for it as long as it meets the above criteria.  

I got my Tik Tok product engraved but I don't want it anymore. What do I do?
We are sorry to hear you don't want the product anymore. As much as we would love to help you out, we CANNOT do a return or exchange with an engraved product. It was made specifically made for you and we cannot do anything with it.

Am I responsible for shipping costs when returning or exchanging my product?
Yes, you are responsible for shipping costs when sending the product back to us. If it is an exchange, we will pay for shipping the new product out to you once we have received the one you wanted to exchange.  

I did a return, where is my refund?
Normally, returns are processed within 5-7 business days after we receive your package. We then email you once the refund has been processed. If it's been longer than 7 business days and you haven't received a refund, feel free to contact us.

If you have any other questions that you did not find an answer on here to, feel free to contact us and we will do our best to get that answered in a timely manner.